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Sources of Our Faith - Inspirational Readings

Sources of Our Faith: Inspirational Readings

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Product Code: 7224
ISBN: 9781558966789
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 187
Size: 5.5 X 6.5 Inches (US)


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Now available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

The living tradition we share draws from many sources. This collection of inspirational readings from many cultures and times provides a felt sense of the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism. Organized by Source, and introduced with thoughtful essays from the editor, these readings are ideal for use in worship or for personal reflection. From the Qur'an to Margaret Fuller, from Rumi to Rebecca Parker, this broad range of poetry and prose will help deepen our understanding and connection to our faith.

Below is an interview with the author recorded at Justice General Assembly in Phoenix, 2012.



Review   Booklist - March 15, 2008
"It was for her and is for readers a captivating trip into the heart of non-Catholic Christian America that reveals the amazing diversity of one complex faith."
Review   Providence Journal - July 13, 2008
"Shea (a formal Journal reporter) approaches each church with an open heart, a serious mind, and a transparent devotion to finding the truth of her faith." Read Full Review
Review   Baltimore Magazine - July 1, 2008
"Because her account is so even-handed, this book comes across as a document of curiosity as much as faith." Read Full Review
Review   New Hampshire magazine - June 1, 2008
"Her pilgrimage included Jimmy Carter's church in Plains, Barack Obama's church in Chicago (Rev. Wright wasn't there, nor was Obama) and others-exotic and not-from the Hopi Nation to Appalachia, from Maui to the West Point Academy. It's an illuminating read, well worth your time."
Review By: Gary Stern,   Blogging Religiously - June 26, 2008
"Shea found a passionate faith-particularly in evangelical churches-that she hadn't found in her own Catholic Church."
Review By: Linda Moore,   Books & Culture: A Christian Review , Book of the Wee - June 30, 2008
"We are there, joining Shea in every church-induced behavior from fright and fidgeting to unscripted hallelujahs. And we like her company, this softly spoken woman graced with wit and quiet charm. She's warm and generous, sharing her family and her life as freely as she shares the pew . . . it has much to teach anyone who warms a pew with any regularity . . . Shea is an able prophet decrying the consumer in the church marketplace, where it is common practice to test-fly churches."
Review By: Rich Barlow,   Boston Globe - July 2, 2008
"A former journalist, Shea luxuriates in visual descriptions of each stop on her itinerary. She's a catchy writer . . . and her factoids can be as interesting as her word choices."
Review   The Charlotte Observer - July 11, 2008
"For a year, Suzanne Strempek Shea traveled the country visiting the Protestant churches that had been verboten during her Catholic youth. Her journey took her to well-known congregations including Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Finally, in an interfaith chapel in the Denver International Airport, Shea recognizes 'that we are always in God's house, wherever we find ourselves.'"


"This lovely gathering of selections both ancient and modern will be a useful tool in the crafting of worship, as well as a fruitful resource for personal devotional practice within a free faith. It offers wisdom drawn from teachers of many ages and traditions, including our Unitarian Universalism. The framing provided by the six Sources gives the collection a flexible and accessible structure, while one can also dip into it at random and find deep refreshment for the spirit on every page." - Kendyl Gibbons, minister, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

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