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Voices from the Margins - An Anthology of Meditations

Voices from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations

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Product Code: 5316
ISBN: 9781558966710
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 128
Size: 5 X 7


Availability: In Stock


Now available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

"This collection of reflections and aspirations invites us to listen to voices that have been silenced in the past. This kind of listening is vitally important to our religious movement. In order to create a beloved community-one that shares a powerful love and shapes a common purpose-we must know one another. In order to know one another, we must hear each other's stories, see the world through each other's eyes." - Rev. Peter Morales, from the Foreword

In Voices from the Margins, Jacqui James and Mark Morrison-Reed have compiled a remarkable collection of reflections and meditations from voices often left unheard in Unitarian Universalism. These writings remind us of both what we miss when we don't listen to marginalized voices and the amazing insights we stand to gain when we do.

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