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Broken Buddha

Broken Buddha

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ISBN: 9780983512905
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Perennial favorite Meg Barnhouse is back with another book of stories. She tells her truth with laughter, then tossing in the thoughts that make us sit up and start to think. With affection for the quirks of human nature, she avoids being preachy, putting herself in the same boat we all share. When to let go, when to control everything you can, when to stand and fight, when to yield the space -- these are her recurring life questions, and she takes us with her as she looks for the best answers.


Review By: Dorothy Allison,   Author of Bastard Out of Carolina - January 1, 2005
"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed and was inspired by the work Annelise Orleck has done to tell this amazing story. It is wonderful to have the history of the organization, of course, but the women's stories that are knit into the creation of that organization, the stubborn sense of hope and accomplishment she documents, the complex and far-reaching impact of the organizing efforts that each woman undertakes for her own reason-it is like a truly great novel, the revelation of a world unknown."
Review By: Linda Gordon,   Author of The Moral Property of Women - January 1, 2005
"Storming Caesars Palace is simultaneously a fascinating narrative and close scrutiny of a social movement that succeeded. Annelise Orleck, a fine storyteller, shows how Las Vegas welfare recipients created a truly pro-life movement, Operation Life, and demonstrated that ordinary people, even extremely poor people, had the energy and the organizational skills to run federal health and nutrition programs"
Review By: Nell Painter,   Author of Sojourner Truth - January 1, 2005
"What a lovely book of hope! With grace and with rigor, Annelise Orleck presents the War on Poverty from the vantage point of poor mothers who managed the system efficiently. Working against the assumption that black women must fail, the women of Operation Life made economic democracy real for a quarter of a century in the Jim Crow town of Las Vegas."
Review By: Alice Kessler-Harris,   Author of In Pursuit of Equity - January 1, 2005
"This stunning book combines the techniques of collective biography and oral history to document the startling success of economically disadvantaged women at exercising leadership and negotiating political and social minefields. In moving prose, it takes us through the experiences of a group of courageous women whose struggles give new meaning to the notion of history 'from the bottom up' and illuminate the effectiveness of organization at the grass roots. Orleck's protagonists speak to the centrality of the human and humane values that modern concepts of welfare threaten to undermine."
Review By: Jacqueline Jones,   Author of Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow - January 1, 2005
"Storming Caesars Palace is a rich, multilayered narrative tracing several dramatic stories. This superb study suggests the potential-and the limits-of grassroots organizations in fighting poverty, employment discrimination, and callous state and national bureaucracies. Along the way, we meet a number of remarkable women, single mothers possessed of an enormous amount of determination and, ultimately, political savvy. Their struggles have much to teach us about gender, racial, and class ideologies in modern America."
Review   CHOICE - May 10, 2006
"A remarkable story, well told."

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