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A Child's Book of Animal Poems and Blessings

A Child's Book of Animal Poems and Blessings

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Product Code: 4212
ISBN: 9781558965584
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 32
Size: 7 X 7
Binding Information: Hard cover 


Availability: In Stock
Hard cover $12.00


I throw myself to the left


I turn myself to the right.


I am the fish


Who glides in the water, who glides,


Who twists himself, who leaps.


Everything lives, everything dances, everything sings.


-African Pygmy poem


These poems, prayers and blessings about our animal brethren are drawn from around the world and throughout history. Speaks to a child's sense of connection with the animal kingdom. By turns amusing and reverential, Blanchard weaves together a collection that inspires gratitude and joy for a world rich in diversity and wonder. Sources include the Bible, African and Native American cultures, Lewis Carroll, William Wordsworth and Christina Rosetti. Full-color illustrations by Joyce Hesselberth. Ages 5-7.

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