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The Whole World Kin - Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion

The Whole World Kin: Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion

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Product Code: 5349
ISBN: 9781558965560
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 115
Size: 5.5 X 8.5
Binding Information: Paperback 


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"These nine essays demonstrate that those who see a conflict between religion and science, between Charles Darwin's vision of the world and that embraced by many deeply religious individuals are simply not looking very clearly. As Fredric Muir so eloquently says in the introduction, 'the spirit of liberal religion is enhanced and deepened by Darwin's life and thought.' Savor these essays and come to a fuller understanding of both religion and science." - Michael Zimmerman, founder and director, The Clergy Letter Project

"This volume illuminates the spiritual as well as intellectual achievement implicit in Darwin's great paradigm shift. By tracing our essential connections to all living creatures, the entire natural world, and the most basic stuff of the universe, these essays offer a grounded self-understanding for human beings that is both radiant with wonder and appropriately humble in our finitude. All varieties of humanists, as well as liberal religionists in general, will find inspiration here." - Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, senior minister, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, co-dean, Humanist Institute.

"Darwin gave us a new a new lens through which to view the universe itself - an enlarged sense of history and destiny. These essays challenge us to engage his legacy from a religious perspective. This volume is a plea for a faith rooted in our best knowledge of the universe and our position in it." - David E. Bumbaugh, professor of ministry, Meadville Lombard Theology Minister Emeritus, The Unitarian Church in Summit, New Jersey

Nine prominent liberal religious thinkers examine Darwin's contributions to theology, spirituality and ethics. The editor,Fredric Muir, is a Unitarian Universalist minister and the author of several works on liberal religion, including A Reason for Hope: Liberation Theology Confronts a Liberal Faith and Heretics' Faith: A Vocabulary for Religious Liberals.


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