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Fire of Commitment

Fire of Commitment

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Product Code: 7194
ISBN: 9787194
Publisher: Jason Shelton
Publication Date: 
Binding Information: CD 


Availability: In Stock
CD $15.00


Offers 12 songs, including 6 from Singing the Journey: Supplement to Singing the Living Tradition. Original compositions include "Standing on the Side of Love" and "Love is the Spirit of this Church." Shelton, director of music at the First UU Church in Nashville, TN, and composer, choir director and conductor, is joined by a group of talented musicians to produce this excellent CD. 1. The Fire of Commitment 2. Standing on the Side of Love 3. Love is the Spirit of this Church 4. Voices in Unity 5. Peace, My Heart 6. Morning Has Come 7. King for a Day 8. Each Night a Child is Born 9. Behold the Star 10. There Is More Love Somewhere 11. This Little Light of Mine 12. May A Song (Benediction #1)

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