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With or Without Candlelight - Meditations

With or Without Candlelight: Meditations

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Product Code: 5559
ISBN: 9781558965478
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 
Pages: 72
Size: 5 X 7
Binding Information: Paperback 


Availability: In Stock
Paperback $8.00


Also available as an eBook in the Google eBookstore and in a Kindle Edition in the Amazon Kindle store.

These meditations, sung in many voices, echo the song of the human soul. In poetry and beautiful prose, writers reflect on the magical, day-to-day dance of the holy and the ordinary. Here are selections for common worship, small groups and for solitary reflection. Celebrations of the spirit, lamentations of the heart, elegant observations of the natural world and eyewitness accounts of the moral universe, these poems and readings offer wisdom and laughter, comfort and pathways to deeper questions.

The authors represented here come from many walks of life. All offer gifts of beauty and honesty.


Table Of Contents:

With or Without Candlelight, John Marsh
Caretaking, Jill-Beth Veronica Sweeney
Berry Patch, Vanessa Southern
Lesson in the Stones, Elizabeth Lerner
The Labyrinth, Lisa Romantum Schwartz
I Want to Believe That When You, Joan Mcintosh
Thin Places, John Crossley Morgan
Saved, Theresa Novak
The Humanist Is Asked to Define Worship, Kendyl Gibbons
The Black Cat, Kenneth W. Collier
The Last Aria, Elizabeth Lerner
Holy Family, Nancy McDonald Ladd
Waiting, Burton Carley
Taking Hands, Victoria Weinstein
My Disabled God, Myke Johnson
Oriented Times Three, Karen Hering
The Gods in My Closet, Terri Dennehy Pahucki
Uplifted, Jean M. Olson
A Farmer Feeds, Bill Neely
Cornucopia, Jean M. Olson
Blessings for the Journey, Jill Terwilliger
Held, Bill Neely
Dance of Life, Dianne McConville Weiss
General Assembly, Day 2, Mark Alter
For Grandfather, John Crossley Morgan
Fire of God, Joan McIntosh
What Returns, Nancy Shaffer
Second Person Intimate, Kendyl Gibbons
Lives and Tears, Stephen M. Shick
Pray, Theresa Novak
Desert War, Joan McIntosh
Morning Pause, Kenneth W. Collier
Jig-Saw, Julia Drury
The Bison Home, Bill Neely
Nightlake, Elizabeth Lerner
Blessed Half-Light, Stephen M. Schick
A Window of Home, Karen Hering
We Dwell Between, Burton Carley
Bridges Eleven, Mark Alter
Country of Illusions, John Crossley Morgan
Nighttime, January, Bill Neely
Winter Lake, Elizabeth Lerner
Catechism of Questions, Kendyl Gibbons
Belonging, Karen Hering

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