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Bestselling Meditation Manuals

Voices from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations

Edited by Jacqui James and Mark Morrison-Reed

On the Brink

All that we have ever loved
and all that we have ever been
stands with us on the brink of all that we aspire to create;
a deeper peace,
a deeper love,
a more embracing hope,
a greater generosity of spirit,
a deeper joy in this life we share.
—Leslie Takahashi Morris


Rose's Corner

Dear Friends,

Here is an offering of our most popular meditation manuals.  These books offer insights, solace, comfort, and joy.  They are also a great resource for lay leaders, ministers, and anyone who just wants to pause for reflection.

Check out the  sale books I am featuring!  I will be changing the list every two weeks.  I will be choosing a wide selection of great gifts and useful resources – all at a very good price!

Happy reading!

 In Faith,

Rose Sig

Rose Hanig
Bookstore Manager



Reaching for the Sun

By Angela Herrera

"This collection of meditations draws from my lived experience on the winding path from the gritty neighborhood of my childhood, to marriage and motherhood, motherhood, to the Ivy League, and then to my first parish in Albequerque, New Mexico. It includes themes of longing; brokenness, and love; of idealis, vulnerability, and fear; of coming up short and —most especially— of redemption." —from the Introduction



By Marta I. Valentín

"This is an invitation. A hand extended to welcome you into the world of this Latina lesbian Unitarian Universalist minister—a mouthful no doubt., but it tells you a bit of who I am. The words in this book will tell you a little more about how I live int the world, and how my multiple identities intersect. I hope you will notice that, as seemilngly different as some of us may be, there is much about our lives as human beings that serves to connect us. —from the Preface



Morning Watch

By Barbara J. Pescan

"Barbara Pescan's poems touch deeply and sing with earth-life. Her work gives voice to religious community."
—Carol Hepokoski, minister, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester, Minnesota


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