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Jane Conteh-Morgan

Jane Conteh-Morgan
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  • Around the Church, Around the Year

    Author: Jan Evans-Tiller   Illustrated By: Jane Conteh-Morgan

    Product Code: 1006

    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: UUA

    Publication Date: 4/1/1990

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    Price:  $30.00

    Year-long program helps young children understand the faith and practices of our UU community

  • Meet Jesus

    Author: Lynn Tuttle Gunney   Illustrated By: Jane Conteh-Morgan

    Product Code: 4747

    Binding Information: Hardcover

    Publisher: Skinner House

    Publication Date: 6/15/2007

    Availability: In stock.

    Price:  $12.00

    Beautiful illustrations and a simple text follow the life of Jesus. For ages four to eight.