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Paul Rasor

Paul Rasor
A Unitarian Universalist minister, Paul Rasor received his master of divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School and holds a doctorate in theology from Harvard University as well as law and music degrees from the University of Michigan. Rasor is director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom and professor of interdisciplinary studies at Virginia Wesleyan College, in Norfolk, Virginia.

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  • UU Views of the Sacred

    Editor: Paul Rasor

    Product Code: 3046

    Binding Information: Pamphlets

    Publisher: UUA

    Publication Date: 6/15/2007

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    Price:  $7.00

    Pack of 25. To read this pamphlet click here.

  • Reclaiming Prophetic Witness

    Author: Paul Rasor

    Product Code: 7000

    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: Skinner House Books

    Publication Date: 6/8/2012

    Availability: In stock.

    Price:  $15.00

    The 2014-2015 UUA Common Read

    Now available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

    In this clarion call to action, leading Unitarian Universalist theologian Paul Rasor dispels the myth that conservative Christianity is the only valid religious voice in the national debates on social policy.