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Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn
Alfie Kohn's previous eleven books include Punished by Rewards, Unconditional Parenting, The Homework Myth, and What Does It Mean To Be Well Educated? He speaks widely to teachers and parents and lives in the Boston area.

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  • What Does It Mean to be Well Educated?

    Author: Alfie Kohn

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    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: Beacon

    Publication Date: 5/15/2004

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  • Myth of the Spoiled Child

    Author: Alfie Kohn

    Product Code: 5978

    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: Beacon Press

    Publication Date: 3/8/2016

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    A prominent and esteemed critic challenges widely held beliefs about children and parenting, revealing that underlying each myth is a deeply conservative ideology that is, ironically, often adopted by liberal parents.