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Esther Hurlburt

Esther Hurlburt

Rev. Esther Hurlburt is a Unitarian Universalist community minister with a passion for advocating for people who are old. She has been in private practice as a professional geriatric nurse case manager for more than twenty years. She is on a mission to bring worth and dignity to the word old.

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  • A Faith Home for Elders and Caregivers

    By author: Esther Hurlburt

    Product Code: 3127

    Binding Information: Pamphlet

    Publisher: UUA

    Publication Date: 9/26/2017

    Availability: In stock.

    Price:  $7.00

    A warm welcome from Unitarian Universalist congregations to elders and caregivers. Pack of 25 pamphlets.