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Maya Soetoro-Ng

Maya Soetoro-Ng
Maya Soetoro-Ng was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is a writer and educator with a PhD in international comparative education. She says Ladder to the Moon, her first picture book, was inspired by her young daughter Suhaila's questions about her grandmother Ann Dunham, the mother of Maya and of our forty-fourth president, Barack Obama.

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  • Ladder to the Moon

    Author: Maya Soetoro-Ng   Illustrator: Yuyi Morales

    Product Code: 8322

    Binding Information: Hard cover

    Publisher: Candlewick

    Publication Date: 4/12/2011

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    Price:  $16.99

    From Maya Soetoro-Ng, sister of President Obama, comes a lyrical story relaying the loving wisdom of their late mother to a young granddaughter she never met.