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Daniel Chesney Kanter

Daniel Chesney Kanter

Daniel Chesney Kanter is the Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Previously, he served at King's Chapel in Boston and as a chaplain at San Francisco General Hospital. He is an avid long distance cyclist, home brewer, and adventurer.

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  • Faith for the Unbeliever

    Author: Daniel Chesney Kanter

    Product Code: 6530

    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: Skinner House Books

    Publication Date: 5/31/2017

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    Price:  $14.00

    Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play.

    Reflections on faith, especially for those who are not traditionally religious. Using engaging stories, and with reflection questions after each chapter, this small book of wisdom helps to make faith more accessible for all.