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Linda Stout

Linda Stout
Linda Stout grew up in North Carolina, daughter of a "mill-town girl" and a tenant farmer, later a mill worker. She was a 13th generation Quaker who grew up inspired by the Quakers' tradition of speaking up for their beliefs. She started the Piedmont Peace Project (PPP) in North Carolina in 1984. Winner of the National Grassroots Peace Award, she helped build the PPP into one of the strongest multi-racial, multi-issue low-income organizations in the state. After 10 years at PPP, she moved on in search of how to build power and do movement building at the national level. She moved to Massachusetts and directed a foundation, the Peace Development Fund, before starting a new organization, Spirit in Action, where she is now the director.

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  • Bridging the Class Divide

    Author: Linda Stout

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    Publisher: Beacon

    Publication Date: 2/1/1997

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    Linda Stout offers practical lessons for how to build real working relationships among people of different income levels, races, and genders.

  • Collective Visioning

    Author: Linda Stout

    Product Code: 4869

    Binding Information: Paperback

    Publisher: Berrett-Koehler

    Publication Date: 5/16/2011

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