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The 2012 UUA Holiday Shopping Guide

We wish you a joyous and peaceful Winter holiday season!

Here in Boston, we're already felt winter's cold, and we're looking forward to the many holiday celebrations that remind us of the promises of light and warmth, birth and rebirth, survival and strength.

Gift-giving has long been an important part of winter celebrations. Ancient Romans loved to give honey and dates to encourage a sweet new year. In Russia, the lucky gift of white deer-shaped cookies is a remnant of medieval worship of the antlered winter goddess. Chinese astronomers accurately predicted each year's winter solstice over 2500 years ago, and people today still give pink and white tangyuan, sweet rice balls, and eat them with family members to bring unity in the year ahead.

Unitarian Universalists join the many winter celebrations in a myriad of ways. We dance, sing, light candles, make costumes for pageants, provide food and gifts for struggling families, and we give gifts, some we've made and some we've bought.

And of course, many of us give books. We love books, love trying to find space on our shelves for more books, love talking about books, and love sharing books. In that spirit, we've collected books (and some of our other favorite things) your friends, family, and anyone you'd like to remember with a gift this season will enjoy.

On the following pages, you'll find a selection of many of our favorite items here at the Bookstore. No matter who you are shopping for, I'm sure you'll find just the right thing here in this guide - and don't forget to shop the rest of our expansive collection while you're here.

Remember, your purchase directly supports the work of the UUA on behalf of its member congregations.

Whether you celebrate Solstice or Hannukah, Christmas or Yule, or all and more, may your winter be peaceful and full of joy!



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