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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to visit the UUA Bookstore. What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., except on holidays or during the holiday closing from Christmas through New Year’s Day. During the summer, we close at 4 p.m. We are located at 24 Farnsworth St. in Boston. Click on Google Maps for further information on how to get here. If you are planning to buy something in particular during your visit, please be aware that most of our inventory is stored off-site, so we have limited quantities for sale at 24 Farnsworth St. We encourage you to call us ahead of time at 1-800-215-9076 so that we can check our stock for you before you visit.

What is your discount policy?

We give a 10% discount on any purchase of 5-9 copies of the same title, and a 20% discount on 10 or more copies of the same title. For pamphlets, we give a 10% discount on 10 or more packs of the same title. These discounts do not apply to any edition of Singing the Living Tradition or to sets (the UUA Meditation Manual Sampler).

Will I be charged tax?

Massachusetts individuals and for profit institutions will be charged 6.25% Masachusetts sales tax on any non UUA, Skinner House, or Beacon Press products.

What if I need expedited shipping (overnight, 2 Day, etc.)?

Expedited shipping options are available. To place time-sensitive orders, please call us at 800-215-9076 or email us at bookstore@uua.org.

How do I redeem a gift certificate?

Our current website does not offer a gift certificate feature, but customers can still redeem gift certificates online. To do so, place your items in the shopping cart and begin the checkout procedure. When you reach the payment page, you will have the option of entering credit card information or church account information. Find the number on your gift certificate and enter it, including letters, into the entry field for church account information. If your gift certificate does not pay for your entire order, enter your credit card information as well. Continue on to submit the order. The website will not subtract the gift certificate amount from your total, but our staff will do so when we process the order. Your credit card will be charged only for the amount that isn't paid for by the gift certificate.

Is your website secure?

All online transactions are secured through the highest possible SSL encryption and industry leader Entrust®. You can check the real-time status of authentication by clicking the seal at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Your transactions are protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How do I report an error on your website?

Email us at bookstore@uua.org, and we will make any necessary corrections.

I want a book that isn’t on your website. Can you get it for me?

We are able to special order many titles that are not listed on our website. Please call us at 800-215-9076 or email bookstore@uua.org with your special order request.

How do I suggest a title for the UUA Bookstore to carry?

Send suggestions to suggestedtitles@uua.org.   We welcome and look forward to hearing from you.

If you've published a book and would like us to carry the book, please send an email to suggestedtitles@uua.org.

Due to the large volume of unsolicited submissions we receive, we regret we cannot respond to every one.  If we decide to carry your book, we will let you know within 4-6 weeks. Because we receive so many books, we are not able to return any books that have been submitted for review.  

Mail a review copy of your book, along with a cover letter, to:
UUA Bookstore
24 Farnsworth St.
Boston, MA 02210

I want the Our Whole Lives DVDs, but they aren’t on the website. How do I get them?

The Sexuality and our Faith DVDs are available only to individuals who have completed OWL training and should be billed and/or shipped to a UU congregation whenever possible. Please contact us at 800-215-9076 to purchase these items.


Where can I buy a chalice or other gift items?

We suggest you try UniUniques, or The Church of the Larger Fellowship.

How do I buy Wayside Pulpit posters to display at my church?

Instructions for building a Wayside Pulpit are available here (in PDF format). Wayside Community Pulpit Series 8 is now available for free downloading. Click here for instructions on how to download and print poster-sized copies of the quotations in Series 8 for your congregation and for the quotations themselves. Click here for quotations from out-of-print series.

How do I find Singing the Living Tradition, Singing the Journey or the pamphlet We Are Unitarian Universalists in Braille?

To order a copy of Singing the Living Tradition in Braille for $35.00, Singing the Journey for $23.00, or We Are for $2.00 (including shipping), contact Linda M. Horton at LindaHorto@cs.com or write to her at 9322 E. Cedar Waxwing Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.

How do I buy Order of Service Covers?

The Church of the Larger Fellowship offers 8 different Order of Service Covers, sold in packs of 100. To view the covers and purchase them from CLF, click here.


Is the UUA Bookstore at General Assembly?

The UUA Bookstore has a booth in the Exhibit Hall at GA every year. We feature new Skinner House and UUA titles, including religious education resources, meditation manuals, and many more books, often written by authors who are presenting lectures and workshops. In 2013, we took a selection of 450 titles to GA, more than 13,000 books. We offer a 10% discount at GA.

What’s the difference between Skinner House Books and Beacon Press?

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations is unique among religious organizations in our commitment to publish both for our membership, through Skinner House Books, and for the wider world, through Beacon Press. Both presses are owned by the UUA.

Beacon Press: Founded in 1854, Beacon Press is a nonprofit, independent publisher whose mission is summed up as “Unitarian Universalism’s Voice for Good in the World.”

Beacon operates like a trade or university press and distributes its books through bookstores, online booksellers, and libraries, and to the college market. Its books are used in university and secondary school curricula, citywide reading programs, and reading groups and within a variety of organizational and faith-based reading programs. Beacon books seek to change the way readers think about fundamental issues, promoting such values as freedom of speech and thought, the importance of economic and social justice issues, religious pluralism, respect for our environment and the importance of the arts in a civil society. Beacon has published several national bestsellers, and its books are frequently reviewed and discussed in national print and broadcast media. Beacon publishes about 35 new books a year and has an active backlist of 500 titles.

If you don’t find the Beacon Book you are looking for in our catalog or on our website, contact us by email or phone and we will special order the book(s) for you. You can also order directly from www.beacon.org. Beacon requires prepayment, so please order from the UUA Bookstore if you are placing the order on behalf of a church or church bookstore and want to be billed.

Skinner House Books: Skinner House began as a denominational imprint of Beacon Press in 1976, publishing titles aimed directly at the spiritual needs of Unitarian Universalists. Skinner House is named after Clarence Skinner (1881–1949), a Universalist minister, writer, teacher and social activist who was dean of the Crane Theological School at Tufts University. Skinner House publishes meditation manuals, worship and church resources, and books on theology, UU history and social justice concerns. Most but not all Skinner House authors are Unitarian Universalists. Skinner House publishes about 15 new titles a year and has a 60-title backlist. For a Skinner House catalog, click here.


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