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Youth and Young Adult

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  • Web of Youth Ministry

    Web of Youth Ministry

    Authors: Beth Dana, Jesse Jaeger

    Product Code: 5171
    Binding Information: Pamphlets
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 6/10/2013

    How to include high school youth more broadly in the life of the congregation.

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    Price: $7.00


  • What Do You Stand For? For Teens

    What Do You Stand For? For Teens

    Author: Barbara A. Lewis

    Product Code: 5263
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Free Spirit
    Publication Date: 9/1/2005

    Price: $19.99


  • What We Do Matters

    What We Do Matters : Reflections of a UU Congregation on 15 Years of Service Work

    Author: Youth Advisory Committe

    Product Code: 6325
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Winchester Unitarian Society

    Price: $20.00


  • When Youth Lead

    When Youth Lead : A Guide to Intergenerational Social Justice Ministry (Plus 101 Youth Projects)

    Author: Jill M. Schwendeman

    Product Code: 4914
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 1/15/2007

    This book belongs to the Tapestry of Faith Toolkit Series provided by the UUA Faith Development Office. Toolkit Books provide background knowledge, inspiration, and practical guidance to program and lead UU faith development and to help us explore and live our faith in our congregations, neighborhoods, nation, and world.

    Price: $15.00


  • Wrestling with Adulthood

    Wrestling with Adulthood : Unitarian Universalist Men Talk About Growing Up

    Editor: Ken Beldon

    Product Code: 4725
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Skinner House
    Publication Date: 2/22/2008

    What does it take to become a man? To travel the distance from boyhood to adulthood? Eleven Unitarian Universalist men look back at the experience, boldly exploring the challenges and the choices of their journey.

    Price: $15.00


  • Youth Ministry Advising

    Youth Ministry Advising : A Complete Guide

    Product Code: 2008
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 8/31/2012

    Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide covers broad-ranging topics including ways to recruit and support youth advisors, the nuts and bolts of youth group management, the role of youth in advisors creating a safe space, leadership training, and programming and project ideas.

    Price: $15.00


  • Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney

    Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney

    Author: Trevor Romain

    Product Code: 5469
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Free Spirit
    Publication Date: 9/15/1998

    Price: $8.95


  • Icebreakers in a Jar

    Icebreakers in a Jar

    Product Code: 5468
    Publisher: Free Spirit
    Publication Date: 9/1/2016

    Price: $9.99