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  • Prophetic Encounters

    Prophetic Encounters : Religion and the American Radical Tradition

    Editor: Dan McKanan

    Product Code: 4444
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 11/6/2012

    Price: $24.00


  • Proverbs of Ashes

    Proverbs of Ashes : Violence, Redemptive Suffering, and the Search for What Saves Us

    Authors: Rebecca Ann Parker, Rita Nakashima Brock

    Product Code: 6173
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon
    Publication Date: 11/18/2002

    Price: $22.00


  • Queer Virtue

    Queer Virtue : What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity

    Author: Reverend Elizabeth M. Edman

    Product Code: 6571
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 5/23/2017

    LGBTQ people are a gift to the Church and have the potential to revitalize Christianity

    Price: $17.00


  • Real Life Rituals

    Real Life Rituals

    Product Code: 6430
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Spiritual Living Press
    Publication Date: 8/1/2005

    Provides celebrations for those special times of the year-solstices, equinox, and holidays-that have been acknowledged by people through the ages.

    Price: $12.95


  • Reason and Reverence

    Reason and Reverence : Religious Humanism for the 21st Century

    Editor: William R. Murry

    Product Code: 6169
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Skinner House
    Publication Date: 11/15/2006

    This new vision of religious humanism invokes compassion, spirituality and a language of reverence while grounded in reason, community, social responsibility, science and ethics.

    Price: $18.00


  • Reclaiming Prophetic Witness

    Reclaiming Prophetic Witness : Liberal Religion in the Public Square

    Author: Paul Rasor

    Product Code: 7000
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Skinner House Books
    Publication Date: 6/8/2012

    The 2014-2015 UUA Common Read

    Now available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

    In this clarion call to action, leading Unitarian Universalist theologian Paul Rasor dispels the myth that conservative Christianity is the only valid religious voice in the national debates on social policy.

    Price: $15.00


  • Rescuing Jesus

    Rescuing Jesus : How People of Color, Women, and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism

    Author: Deborah Jian Lee

    Product Code: 6519
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 10/25/2016

    An inside look at the young, diverse, progressive Christians who are transforming the evangelical movement.

    Price: $20.00


  • Roadside Religion

    Roadside Religion : In Search of the Sacred, the Strange, and the Substance of Faith

    Author: Timothy K. Beal

    Product Code: 4169
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon
    Publication Date: 1/4/2007

    Price: $14.00


  • Sacred Ground

    Sacred Ground : Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America

    Author: Eboo Patel

    Product Code: 2900
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 9/3/2013

    Price: $16.00


  • Saving Paradise

    Saving Paradise : How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire

    Authors: Rebecca Ann Parker, Rita Nakashima Brock

    Product Code: 6247
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 5/1/2009

    Price: $29.95


  • Saving the Original Sinner

    Saving the Original Sinner : How Christians Have Used the Bible's First Man to Oppress, Inspire, and Make Sense of the World

    Author: Karl W. Giberson

    Product Code: 6492
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 5/10/2016

    A scientist and former evangelical argues that holding onto a belief in a literal, historical Adam has forced many Christians to reject science and become intellectually isolated from the modern world.

    Price: $20.00


  • Science and Religion

    Science and Religion

    Author: Gary Kowalski

    Product Code: 3110
    Binding Information: Pamphlets
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 10/5/2015

    Five Unitarian Universalist scientists thoughtfully reflect on science and religion. Pack of 25 pamphlets.To read this pamphlet click here. Pack of 25 pamphlets.

    Price: $7.00


  • Secular Meditation

    Secular Meditation : 32 Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion, and Joy - A Guide from the Humanist Community at Harvard

    Author: Rick Heller   Foreword By: Greg Epstein

    Product Code: 5234
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: New World Library
    Publication Date: 11/3/2015

    Price: $15.95


  • Spiritual Envy

    Spiritual Envy : An Agnostic's Quest

    Author: Michael Krasny

    Product Code: 6292
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: New World Library
    Publication Date: 10/5/2010

    Price: $22.95


  • Struggling in Good Faith

    Struggling in Good Faith : LQBTQI Inclusion from 13 American Religious Perspectives

    Editors: Mychal Copeland, D'vorah Rose   Contributor: Annette S. Marquis

    Product Code: 6470
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Skylight Paths
    Publication Date: 11/30/2015

    A multifaceted sourcebook telling the powerful story of reconciliation, celebration and struggle for LGBTQI inclusion across the American religious landscape.

    Price: $19.99