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The Essential Clarence Skinner

The Essential Clarence Skinner

A Brief Introduction to His Life and Writings

Howe's careful selection of Skinner's writings, in combination with an accessible account of his life, introduces this important Universalist to a new generation of readers.

Author: Charles A. Howe

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Howe's careful selection of Skinner's writings, in combination with an accessible account of his life, introduces this important Universalist to a new generation of readers. Includes selections from "The social implications of Universalism" and "A Religion for Greatness."
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The Life of a UU Prophet

Clarence R. Skinner, Outstanding Religious Leader in Dark and Direful Times by John Haynes Holmes

Selected Writing by Clarence Skinner

Lowell Social Forum

The Social Implications of Universalism

In Times of Disillusion

Dean Skinner to Universalists

What Religion Means to Me

A Religion for Greatness

The World of Tomorrow:Who,What, When, How?

Worship and a Well Ordered Life

Clarence Russell Skinner, widely recognized as the foremost American Universalist of the first half of the twentieth century, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 23, 1881, the son of Charles Montgomery Skinner and Ada Blanchard Skinner, members of the local Universalist church. His father, a newspaper editor long associated with the Brooklyn Eagle, was an individualist with broad and deep interests. A prolific writer, Charles Skinner was the author of nine books and three plays in addition to his numerous newspaper articles. Taken together, his writings reflect both a love of nature and a progressive social idealism. His influence on his son was enduring and great, but the influence of young Clarence's mother is difficult to judge. Clarence Skinner remembered her as a loving woman who worked hard to maintain a dependable home environment in their Brooklyn apartment.

The Essential Clarence Skinner represents Skinner's incisive manner of expression and his ardent search for a religion to meet modern needs. For those who knew Skinner, Howe has reintroduced this legendary crusader and exponent of what Universalism might become. For those who didn't know him, Skinner is presented as a determined advocate of the social gospel, a dedicated teacher and minister as well as a tenacious pacifist.

—Janet H. Bowering, Minister Emerita, Universalist Unitarian Church of Haverhill

These selections from Skinner's writings are perceptive examples of his thought, tracing its development through his multi-faceted career as minister, teacher, scholar and social activist. As one who knew Skinner during his latter years, I am much moved by the many reminders here of his eloquence and of the deep personal faith that undergirded and motivated his perseverance and devotion to a larger view of Universalism. Surely, those who make Skinner's acquaintance through this volume will find both insights and renewed hope therein. A wider acquaintance with his life and thought will serve us all in significant ways.

—Gordon B. McKeeman, author of Out Of the Ordinary: Meditations

Howe has succinctly encapsulated the nourishing essence of Skinner's contributions to this progressive and eager faith.

—Dr. Alan Seaburg, Curator of Manuscripts, Emeritus Harvard Divinity School Library

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