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  • Kindness

    Kindness : A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents

    Author: Sarah Conover   Illustrated By: Valerie Wahl

    Product Code: 4607
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Skinner House Books
    Publication Date: 5/1/2010

    Collection of Traditional Buddhist Tales

    Price: $19.95


  • Ladder to the Moon

    Ladder to the Moon

    Author: Maya Soetoro-Ng   Illustrator: Yuyi Morales

    Product Code: 8322
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: Candlewick
    Publication Date: 4/12/2011

    From Maya Soetoro-Ng, sister of President Obama, comes a lyrical story relaying the loving wisdom of their late mother to a young granddaughter she never met.

    Price: $16.99


  • Last Stop on Market Street

    Last Stop on Market Street

    Author: Matt De La Pena   Illustrated By: Christian Robinson

    Product Code: 8652
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Publication Date: 1/8/2015

    Winner of the 2016 Newbery Medal
    A 2016 Caldecott Honor Book
    A 2016 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book
    A New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of 2015
    A Wall Street Journal Best Children's Book of 2015

    Price: $16.99


  • Let's Talk About Race

    Let's Talk About Race

    Author: Julius Lester   Illustrator: Karen Barbour

    Product Code: 5757
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: HarperCollins
    Publication Date: 12/23/2008

    I am a story. So are you. So is everyone.

    Price: $6.99


  • Meet Jesus

    Meet Jesus : The Life and Lessons of a Beloved Teacher

    Author: Lynn Tuttle Gunney   Illustrated By: Jane Conteh-Morgan

    Product Code: 4747
    Binding Information: Hardcover
    Publisher: Skinner House
    Publication Date: 6/15/2007

    Beautiful illustrations and a simple text follow the life of Jesus. For ages four to eight.

    Price: $12.00


  • Mira and the Big Story

    Mira and the Big Story

    Author: Laura Alary   Illustrator: Sue Todd

    Product Code: 4445
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: Skinner House Books
    Publication Date: 12/17/2012

    Follow Mira on an inspiring journey as she discovers a story big enough to include everyone's beliefs.

    Price: $12.00


  • My Two Holidays

    My Two Holidays : A Hanukkah and Christmas Story

    Author: Danielle Novack   Illustrator: Phyllis Harris

    Product Code: 8236
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Scholastic Books
    Publication Date: 9/1/2010

    When Sam's classmates take turns talking about which holiday they celebrate, Sam becomes very nervous. Some people celebrate Christmas and some people celebrate Hanukkah. But Sam celebrates both!

    Price: $5.99


  • Shades of Black

    Shades of Black : A Celebration of Our Children

    Author: Sandra Pinkney   Photography By: Myles Pinkney

    Product Code: 5756
    Binding Information: Board book
    Publisher: Scholastic
    Publication Date: 1/1/2006

    Vibrant photographs depict beautiful African-American children, while poetic text evokes a strong sense of pride.

    Price: $6.99


  • Story of Kwanzaa

    Story of Kwanzaa

    Author: Donna Washington

    Product Code: 8283
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: HarperCollins
    Publication Date: 9/19/1997

    It's Kwanzaa-time! Light the candles on the kinara! Share the joys of Kwanzaa with a little one!

    Price: $6.99


  • Thankful Book

    Thankful Book

    Author: Todd Parr

    Product Code: 8285
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Hachette Book Group
    Publication Date: 10/16/2012

    The Thankful Book celebrates all the little things children can give thanks for.

    Price: $11.00


  • The Barefoot Book of Children

    The Barefoot Book of Children

    Authors: Tessa Strickland, Kate DePalma   Illustrator: David Dean

    Product Code: 8313
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: Barefoot Books
    Publication Date: 9/15/2016

    A gorgeous, global must-have for socially conscious parents and educators

    Price: $19.99


  • The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems

    The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems

    Author: Judith Nicholls   Illustrator: Beth Krommes

    Product Code: 8316
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Barefoot Books
    Publication Date: 3/31/2016

    More than 30 classic and contemporary poems from around the globe

    Price: $9.99


  • The Boy Who Grew Flowers

    The Boy Who Grew Flowers

    Author: Jen Wojtowicz   Illustrator: Steve Adams

    Product Code: 8315
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Barefoot Books
    Publication Date: 4/1/2012

    ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist

    Price: $8.99


  • The Colors of Us

    The Colors of Us

    Written and Illustrated By: Karen Katz

    Product Code: 5758
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publication Date: 10/1/2002

    A positive and affirming look at skin color, from an artist's perspective.

    Price: $7.99


  • The EARTH Book

    The EARTH Book

    Author: Todd Parr

    Product Code: 8220
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
    Publication Date: 3/17/2010

    Price: $11.00