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Our Whole Lives, Adults

Our Whole Lives, Adults

Author: Richard S. Kimball

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Using values, communication skills and spirituality as starting points, this program explores sexuality issues for adults of all ages. Builds understanding of healthy sexual relationships, affirms diversity and helps participants accept and affirm their own sexuality throughout their lives. Suggests 12 workshops, plus introductory and concluding sessions, but adaptable for many formats.


Our Whole Lives/

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List of Leader Resources
List of Handouts
Introductory Session

Workshop One: Sexuality and Values
Workshop Two: Sexuality and Communication
Workshop Three: Sexuality and Spirituality
Workshop Four: Discovering the Sexual Self
Workshop Five: Experiencing the Sexual Other
Workshop Six: Sexual Attraction and Early Relationships
Workshop Seven: Sexuality and Developing Relationships
Workshop Eight: Sexuality and Committed Relationships
Workshop Nine: Sexual Diversity
Workshop Ten: Sexuality and Family
Workshop Eleven: Sexuality and Aging
Workshop Twleve: Sexual Health

Concluding Session
Sources of Information and Assistance
Selected Bibliography
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