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  • A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism

    A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism : From the Beginning to 1899

    Editor: Dan McKanan

    Product Code: 6532
    Publisher: Skinner House
    Publication Date: 5/15/2017

    A panel of top scholars presents the first comprehensive collection of primary sources from Unitarian Universalist history. Spanning two volumes, each containing more than a hundred distinct selections, with scholarly introductions by leading experts.

    Price: $20.00


  • All the Real Indians Died Off

    All the Real Indians Died Off : And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans

    Authors: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Dina Gilio-Whitaker

    Product Code: 8307
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 10/4/2016

    Unpacks the twenty-one most common myths and misconceptions about Native Americans

    Price: $15.00


  • Be Who You Are

    Be Who You Are

    Author: Todd Parr

    Product Code: 6551
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publisher: Hachette
    Publication Date: 10/25/2016

    In a brand-new companion to his beloved classic It's Okay to Be Different, New York Times bestselling author Todd Parr encourages kids to be proud of who they are inside.

    Price: $17.99


  • Blue Horses

    Blue Horses : Poems

    Author: Mary Oliver

    Product Code: 6540
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Penguin Random House
    Publication Date: 10/11/2016

    Price: $16.00


  • Born on Third Base

    Born on Third Base : A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good

    Author: Chuck Collins

    Product Code: 6535
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Chelsea Green
    Publication Date: 9/23/2016

    Price: $17.95


  • Daddy King

    Daddy King : An Autobiography

    Author: Martin Luther King Sr.

    Product Code: 8311
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 1/10/2017

    First-person account and rarely heard life story of the man known as "Daddy King," the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr.

    Price: $16.00


  • Defying The Nazis

    Defying The Nazis : The Sharps' War

    Author: Artemis Joukowsky   Foreword By: Ken Burns

    Product Code: 6486
    Binding Information: Hard cover
    Publication Date: 9/6/2016

    Official companion to the Ken Burns PBS film tells the little-known story of the Sharps, an otherwise ordinary couple whose faith and commitment to social justice inspired them to undertake dangerous rescue and relief missions across war-torn Europe, saving the lives of countless refugees, political dissidents, and Jews on the eve of World War II.

    Price: $25.95


  • Faith of Unitarian Universalist Christians

    Faith of Unitarian Universalist Christians

    Author: Robin Bartlett

    Product Code: 3125
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 3/10/2017

    Unitarian Universalist Christians reflect on their faith, their unique position within Unitarian Universalism, and the great diversity of spiritual practices and worship cultures across their community. Pack of 25 pamphlets.

    Price: $7.00


  • Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism

    Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism

    Editors: Kendyl L. R. Gibbons, William R. Murry

    Product Code: 6524
    Publisher: Skinner House Books
    Publication Date: 12/15/2016

    Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play.

    Unitarian Universalist Humanists present their faith perspectives in 23 engaging and thought-provoking essays. They explore Humanist history, beliefs, approach to life, social justice, community, and religious education.

    Price: $14.00


  • Interfaith Leadership

    Interfaith Leadership : A Primer

    Author: Eboo Patel

    Product Code: 6483
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 8/2/2016

    A guide for students, groups, and organizations seeking to foster interfaith dialogue and promote understanding across religious lines

    Price: $18.00


  • Journey to Belonging

    Journey to Belonging

    Author: Marie Blohowiak

    Product Code: 3120
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 12/1/2016

    A heartfelt welcome to Unitarian Universalism and a helpful map on your journey to belonging. Pack of 25 pamphlets.To read this pamphlet click here.

    Price: $7.00


  • Love and Help Activity Book

    Love and Help Activity Book : Second Edition

    Author: Gail Forsyth-Vail

    Product Code: 7093
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 1/27/2017

    A Program in Unitarian Universalist Identity for 7-11 year olds. Suitable for use in the UUA Cub Scout and Webelos Religious Emblem Program.

    Price: $8.00


  • Love Poster

    Love Poster

    Product Code: 1159
    Publisher: UUA
    Publication Date: 7/20/2016

    "Love is hard. Do it anyway." A daily reminder to love, to trust, to affirm—to let your unique light and the lights of others shine in the world. This print's modern design features stylized text on a rich ivory stock. Letterpress print. 12" x 18"

    Price: $12.00


  • More Coloring for Contemplation

    More Coloring for Contemplation

    Author: Amber Hatch

    Product Code: 5465
    Publisher: Penguin Random House
    Publication Date: 8/16/2016

    Price: $9.95


  • Powered by Girl

    Powered by Girl : A Field Guide for Supporting Youth Activists

    Author: Lyn Mikel Brown

    Product Code: 8306
    Binding Information: Paperback
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Publication Date: 9/13/2016

    A playbook for working with and training girls to be activists of their own social movements

    Price: $16.00