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Long Strange Trip - UU History Film Series Part I

Long Strange Trip - UU History Film Series Part I

In the Beginning (0 a.d. - 1553 a.d.)

Edited by: Ron Cordes

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This film examines the early roots of liberal religious thought. It chronicles the isolated declarations of Universal Salvation in the early years of the Christian era. It traces the early anti-trinitarians such as the monk Arius and his role in the Council of Nicaea. It discusses pre-Reformation heretics such as Katherine Vogel, John Wycliffe, and Jan Hus. It concludes with the life and work of Michael Servetus. It makes the case that there were two Reformations going on in the 16th century - a theologically conservative one catalyzed by Martin Luther and a liberal one based largely on the works of Servetus.

Before the Reformation
Michael Servetus
Michael Servetus and John Calvin
Christianismi Restitutio

Run Time: 1:00.

Standard Definition (16:9 Letterbox) DVD. Please note there are no English subtitles on this volume; please access the closed captioning feature of your DVD player to read along in English.

To read the discussion guide from the UUA's Faith Development Office click here.

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