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Get a God!

Get a God!

More Conversations with Coyote

Coyote and Web discuss Tillich, Whitehead, and more.

Author: Webster Kitchell

Price: $10.00


"Coyote and Web eat donuts, drink coffee and drive through the desert with the top down as they talk of Tillich, Whitehead, suffering, good and evil, God, the state of American culture and politics and much much more."

—Rev. Catharine Harris, UU Fellowship of Boulder, CO.

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Coyote Says, "Get a God!"

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Coyote Wants to Know What a?Christian Existentialist Buddhist Humanist Pagan Unitarian Universalist Is

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Coyote Can't Retire

"Listen," he said, and I knew I was going to hear a true word from my god-friend. "Humans have this dual nature, this inborn spiritual conflict. It is between the spiritual values of resignation, smelling the flowers, and control-what you liberals call "building a better life." Humans experience life as a tension between accepting what they can't change and doing something about what they can make better." "And wisdom is knowing which is which," I chimed in. "Let go and let God," he smiled.

"But what about the story of a god who has endowed humans with certain inalienable rights?" "You can still use the media to tell your story," he went on, like a patient adult explaining to a stubbornly wrong child. "The role of women is changing; not overnight, but really extremely revolutionarily fast given the pace of reform before the electronic media. The acceptance of gays and lesbians has changed radically in your own lifetime. Not into the promised land yet, but we're closer. Life is a dirty mix of needing to make changes, of resistance to changes, of accepting with grace that life is never going to be perfect. So you humans live in the spiritual mix where you tell stories of evil and good, and who wins this round. It depends on your frame of reference." "How do we get a frame of reference?" I asked softly. "By getting a god," he said.

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